It is Special to Fly in the Air, Let’s Explore

Inspired by the appearance of a "real bird," Gogobird offers you the most extraordinary flying experience. Created from the standpoint of solidity, the realism of natural species, and between the boundaries of natural organisms and mechanical drones, Gogobird makes the flying experience more exciting and realistic.Find a new way to enjoy your family time outdoor with Gogobird and get ready to fly!

Fly Smart, Fly Fun

Gogobird uses special sensors to the flight posture, for you to complete a wonderful flight performance.

The flight posture can be adjusted autonomously, and altitude can be monitored with real-time from the radio frequency chip.

Eco-Friendly and Safe for Children

Built with eco-friendly materials including recycled plastic and biodegradable foam, so you don't have to worry about environmental damage. The lightweight EPP fuselage, carbon-fiber, propeller-less, and single-wing lift design ensure a risk-free flying experience to protect the people or objects around you.

Gogobird: Take Your Dreams to the Sky

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